Lalaina Randriarimanana

Activist and volunteer
Lalaina Randriarimanana

Lalaina Randriarimanana is passionate about development with great interest in education.

She is also an activist. She is actively involved in campaigns for social justice. She's engaged primarily in the area of ​​youth empowerment and human security.

Lalaina like volunteering and is an active member of scoutism for over 20 years. She adheres to the movement as a member of an association of guides. Then she took office with the World Organization of the Scout Movement as Head of Unit and District Commissioner and later National Commissioner.

Among her responsibilities, she is currently Trainer of Trainers. She is also a founding member of the 32 Liberty Association, an association that works in civic education and the promotion of democracy in Madagascar. She is now the General Coordinator.

As an economist by training, Lalaina has experience in the design and management of database and in the coordination of project development. Lalaina was selected to participate in different programs on leadership as the "Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)" of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Madagascar, "International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)" of the State Department of the United States, the "Programme for African Leadership (PFAL)" of the London School of Economics and Political Science and the "Society and Leadership Training Course" Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and African & Leadership Centre.

Lalaina trained as a researcher in the "Peace and Security Fellowship for African Women" at King's College of London in the UK and is also a member of the alumni of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) / African Centre for Peace and Security Training of Addis Ababa. Her research interests focus on youth, peace and security; natural resources and conflict; and leadership, conflict and development.

She loves to travel and shipping.

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