Tojonirina Serge Razafindrabe

President of JCI
Tojonirina Serge Razafindrabe

Tojonirina Serge Razafindrabe is the President of the Jeune Chambre Internationale Antananarivo (JCI) for 2014.

He had joined the JCI in 2010 during the official visit to Madagascar of the World JCI President at the time. The latter gave a speech on the impact that a person can do in their community. Serge was attracted by his charisma the President had. He wanted to be part of young active citizens who create positive change in the communities where they live, people who inspire and offer development opportunities to other young people.

Since then, he has been active in the organization, learned from elders and rose through the ranks being respectively director of a project on the fight against malaria, "JCI Nothing But Nets", director of the extension that creates new organizations JCI vice president in individual domaina, which is responsible for training and personal development of members and youth, and finally Executive Vice President where he oversaw all of the many projects of the organization.

He took as motto "beyond our dreams" to mean that a person has the opportunity to achieve much more than he's being able to think; if citizens unite, work to solve common problems, do not relax efforts while having the time they can overcome together all obstacles, they could live in a street, a neighborhood, a city or countries that exceed their own dreams. 

In his professional life, Serge works in a big financial Bank in Antananarivo. He graduated in Mathematics, out of the University of Antananarivo. He is also a trainer in leadership and personal development.

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